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[SOLVED] Infistar and Exile 1.0.3 filters

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Hello gents! 

I'm trying to get a default version of Exile with Infistar to work. However, every single player is kicked from the server for script restriction #22 when using the battleye filters provided by the infistar version 0077. Are they outdated and need an update or is something else causing these? 

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You're using an infiSTAR version from before the Exile & Arma Update

This is copied from the readme file


BattlEye Filters are time consuming and have to be changed depending on every small addon/script you do to your server/mission

These guides:

or these programs:

Personally for maximum security, I would add many different things like
7 "draw"
7 "public"
7 "create"
to my scripts.txt - then create the list of exceptions using one of the linked BE Filter programs

can help you solving the issue.
I am not affiliated with Battleye in any way and if the filters provided by me are not working with your modified server / mission - you have to deal with it yourself.

There is an automatic generator for the BE filters

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