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Tempature sets to 0 at relog/server restart.


Hey guys!

I am having a problem with my Chernarus_summer server. When I restart the server or relog my temp is set to 0. It slowly raises to the correct temp for my settings but I am unsure how to fix this problem. I have tried researching it but all I get is that the exile team as fixed this problem. I am running the newest version of exile. I will post my temp settings for you guys and if you need anything else to try to help me I will provide it.



		class Temperature
			// Temperature in °C for the time of day, per hour
			// Add the first index to the last index, so it is 25 indizes!
			daytimeTemperature[] = {15.93,16.89,18.42,20.40,22.68,25.10,27.48,29.63,31.40,32.66,33.32,33.80,33.80,33.32,32.66,31.40,29.63,27.48,25.10,22.68,20.40,18.42,16.89,15.93,15.93};
			// Temperature change in °C when it is 100% overcast
			overcast = -2;

			// Temperature change in °C when it is 100% raining
			rain = -5;

			// Temperature change in °C when it is 100% windy
			wind = -1;

			// Temperature change per 100m altitude in °C
			altitude = -0.5;

			// Difference from the daytime temperature to the water temperature
			water = -5;



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