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Changing the spawn GUI

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Hi Devs, I wonder if you can help me, I did look every where to find the answer, but I need help.

I have created a GUI from scratch and I would like for it to replace the current default one that of exile where you select spawn locations on the map. I have removed all spawn markers so it doesn't show but, I have no idea where I can find it and look at the code and maybe override it with mine. My GUI is working as far as seeing it on the screen and clicking the buttons while in Editor and I know it loads to the server fine but I have no idea how to make it the first thing player sees when they join or respawn. I have it set to run from ExileClient_object_player_network_createPlayerResponse.sqf in the case 0 section however when the GUI is displayed for the respawned or new player its after he already spawned in the map (yes I could change the position of the spawn so they are spawning off the map with no background sound like ocean) but would then have to add teleport scripts for each button to take the player to that location. there must be a better way?


Your help is very much appreciated.

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