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Battleye Remotecontrol #0 kick help


Good Evening,

Was wondering if anyone has gotten this type of Battle Eye kick and if a fix is known.   I have not had any luck on these forums, or even doing a simple google search on the topic. 

-I am running my own server through Survival Servers.

-I have correctly placed The UAV Drones "I_UAV_02_CAS_F" and "I_UAV_02_F" into the traders, and are able to purchase them.  I have already placed the fix to allow them to spawn correctly.


What is happening is when you have the UAV terminal equipped, and you go to the Drone, I am able to get it to "Connect UAV to terminal".   But when you attempt to either "Take UAV Control"  or the "Control UAV Weapon" options, it will kick me with this error.

30.05.2017 19:46:31: [IMK]Grimm (*************) ******************** - #0 2:2591 unit 2:2625 Exile_Unit_Player

This error is found in my remotecontrol.log file in my admin/BattlEye folder.    This is a Remotecontrol #0 error.   Any help on this would be appreciated.  


Thank you!



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