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How to install a custom map?

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Hi i want to install a custom map on my server and that map is taunus. Now the server provider does not have that map avaliable in the 1 click installs so i will have to install manually, which i dont mind doing. But i cant seem to find a good guide on how to installa custom map, can anyone point me in the right direction please with this?



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First off all you need them on the server so you need to uploud them. and Call them inside the parameters like @taunus i dont know wich name the mod have. Second one you need too chance the mission FIle name to Exile.Taunus i think a you can downloud a worked mission file here on the Forum nothinh more to do.

- Upload the modfolder @Taunus

- Inside off this its the key folder include the key inside your keys folder on the server.

- Call the mod with the parameters -@Taunus

- Change the mission name inside your config.cfg from the Server from Exile.Altis to Exile.Taunus

- Uploade a mission file with the same name (you can find one on the Forum)

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