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Vehicle despawning and crates not saving


A weeks ago we moved our server on a new dedicated server. New deployed with A3 1.7 / Exile 1.0.3.  Now we have following issues:

  • Buyed vehicles are completly gone after a restart (not just set back to traders). Sometimes they stay a few days until they disappear.
  • Loot stored in containers doesn't get saved too sometimes.

The logs look just fine. But to monitor this problem ill post all of them if it happens again this night. Maybe anyone out there has already a solution? Our Mods are Infi, RHS, igli, r3f, DMS, a3xai and some little scripts on the map australia. More infos comin

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Not having issues with Vehicles, but safes and crates are not keeping items after a restart.
No errors found, so not sure what is going on...

Fresh install of Chernaus

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