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Arma Restart Plus


This tool was designed with being extremely light weight, and having the ability to monitor the server. I specifically designed this tool because I want my server to restart a certain way, as in, I wanted the server to have one restart be fully night. This was fairly easy in other mods, allowing you to control time with in the .bat itself, but in this is is stuck behind a pbo file. So I got creative and made a application that allowed me to on board different pbos files if needed. It also won't let the Arma server fail. If the application for any reason quits, it will open it back up. So as long as you server is stable, this application won't let it fail.



This part is a little bit of a problem, the current version has no settings to adjust, so if you'd like to make this work, you'll have to change the source code provided. I provided the whole file on my github (.rar).


Github Link:



This is my first release so be polite please:D


Also ill continue to update this thread when I add more features!

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