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Supplybox event - not spawning

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Hi all,

I have had a good search around but cannot find anything relating to this specific issue with the default supply box event on Tanoa Exile.

The issue

The issue is that despite changing one setting that I believed was causing it, I just don't seem to ever see this spawn. Below is my class SupplyBox taken from class Events in exile_server_config\config.cpp:


        class SupplyBox 
                Drops a supply box on a parachute next to a random airport on the map.
                The box may contain items. The box can be transported to a territory
                and installed to become a normal storage container.
            type = "spawn";
            function = "ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start";
            minTime = 60; // minutes
            maxTime = 120; // minutes
            minimumPlayersOnline = 1;
            dropRadius = 100; // 500m around an airport (including the main airport on Altis!)
            dropAltitude = 100; // altitude of the drop
            markerTime = 10; // minutes

I changed minimumPlayersOnline to 1 so I could test this but have not seen one start in the 12 hours spent on the actual server. Is it anything to do with minTime or maxTime?

Thanks in advance.


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I resolved this issue. The issue was with some erroneous closing brackets that had remained inside the config.cpp file once I had removed earthquakes. Moral of the story: always check your closing class brackets.

Mods please mark as resolved.

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