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Hello i need some help with sending poptabs to server.

in a script i take poptabs from player with this code:

_salesPrice = 1000;
_playerMoney = player getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0];
_playerMoney = _playerMoney - _salesPrice;
player setVariable ["ExileMoney", _playerMoney, true];

it works local.
Now i try to send it to server:

format["setPlayerMoney:%1:%2", _playerMoney, player getVariable ["ExileDatabaseID", 0]] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget;

it doesn't work, no error, nothing.

It would be nice if somebody can help me.

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Hi Sir_Joker,

I am unsure if you have solved your problem, but as you had not had a response I thought I may aswell provide you what I found. You might find the below two links useful:

1. Explains that ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget cannot be called by the Client, I am unsure if this is exactly what you were doing.

2. Is a addon which allows you to do just what you are trying to do, if you dont want to install an additional addon you maybe able to pull what you need from their code.

Hope this helps :D

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