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Hey guys,

basicly I have some Ideas how to improve gameplay / pvp.


Door Keys


Atm there are only three possibilitys to lock a door: 

- Build no door

- Guard it 24/7

- Get a Codelock

I think those three are a bit boring. It would be cool to have keys for doors, they could be easily made out of scrap metal and they would only work for one door. 

If you die and someone loots you and find your key/s he will be able to break into your base, without the need of explosives.


This Idea adds:

- door locks

- keys

- new crafting recepies


Break the door lock


This would be an addition to my previous idea.

There could be a minigame to break into bases without explosives (and of course silent).

Something like this:



This idea adds:

- a nice mini game

- a lockpick

- a recepie for the lock




Ok so this is mainly for pvp or defense. It should be pretty self explaining, what I suggest:






This idea would add:

- traps, depending on what the developers are able to create, if they like the idea




Well, in real life we need to sleep some hours, but in exile, this would be a nogo, but 1 - 2 minutes? What do you think?

There are sleeping bags and things like that, so why not using that?




So this is basicly everything for now. I will update the post with new Ideas, if I get some.



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The sleep idea could be used to regain health or lower the rate that food/water goes down for a short amount of time (good for going AFK a few minutes to go eat/shower/etc) 


The doors and keys would be a neat idea but I believe it'd be similar to cars and keys where players are constantly calling admin because of a lost key although I guess they could remake or replace the door 


I don't like the idea of lockpicking minigame as, screw blowing my way in, I might as well spend 10 minutes silently lockpicking the door..

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