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i have noticed that in the new update for infistar 78 was included pvp zone, reflect and block damage


i have tested it on our server but couldnt get it work so i was wondering if someone knows how it works?


could it be that we need to install antipvp script first on the server and then infistar well manage to turn them off in the pvp zone ? or infistar already has the main script to block the damage from pvp but i configured it wrong or whats the correct steps to make it work

this is my configuration so u can check if i did something wrong

class infiSTAR_handleDamage {
		This whole handleDamage does not effect admins!
	enable = "true";

		PvP_ReflectDamage option should reflect damage from player vs player (the player still takes damage)
	PvP_ReflectDamage = "true";

		PvP_BlockDamage option should block damage from player vs player
	PvP_BlockDamage = "true";

		PvP_useZones will load PvP_ReflectDamage and PvP_BlockDamage only if people are not within a range of the given xyz coordinates!
	PvP_useZones = "true";
	zones[] = {
		{{11510.3, 0, 7511.35},3500}

		block damage completely if the source of the damage is NULL
		(for example if you crash into a bush the source is NULL)
	BlockNullSource = "false";


also if it works how can i add a notification for players when they enter the pvp zone and when leaving it,i thought to put some trigger but when searched in the posts found that triggers actually takes alot of performance and its easier to use the exile messages like the one poping up when u getinto safezone or left,but honestly am super nooob dont know how to make it so plz if you know how to tell me so i can use it in the pvp zone also in traders that doesnt have safezones in the map



it would be very nice if a message notification can be added to the infistar pvpzone's in next update

thanks in advance for any information

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