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Hello, I've been facing troubles setting up my Exile server as when joining it just nothing loads, I'm stuck on a loading screen indefinitely and something is causing the problem, in which I dont know what is =/ 

It would be greatly appreciative if someone could help, I'm trying to run Summer Chenarus with cup Core and Cup maps as well as  infiStar currently and thats it, I'll include the rpt logs below. Furthermore my command line parameters are these as follow:  

-ip= -port=2327 -noPause -noSound "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" -ranking="" -par="" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" "-servermod=@ExileServer;@infiSTAR_Exile" "-mod=@Exile;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Terrains_Core" -malloc=system -enableHT -world=empty -autoinit -maxMem=6144

I am also using the premade mission file from here:

And finally my log file:

Rpt Log File

Thanks for helping

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