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Possible to rebind the keys for admin control?

The primary issue for myself is the "del" key... it deletes items in game obviously. Problem is I use it for my inventory.

Yeah I can and do use an alternate key for inventory..but muscle memory has deleted many an item or building already

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Hello Dohfugwimee,

ANY key in ANY mod can be redefined.  Just un-PBO the files/examine the files and find where this key is located and change it!

Find you old key's value and replace it with your new key value.

Key chart here:




Do note, more than likely, upon a new release of InfiSTAR, your key settings will be what they were originally.  In other words, you'll probably have to do this every time a update is made.



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The guy who runs my server says the delete key is in an infiSTAR file that to the best of his knowledge CAN'T be altered.

Any other thoughts or anyone else have an answer?

If I wasn't so old and didn't play left handed wouldn't be an issue!! lol

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