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ExileZ and Occupation AI Conflicts


Hi all,

Just started a new server up and am working on running ExileZ and Exile Occupation together. Ideally we would have zombies inhabiting towns/other sites with NPCs spawning at crates/missions around and in cars roaming the map. Before doing this, we changed the sides of the server so that zombies=east, NPCs=west, and players-ind.

Currently, the AI spawn around the map; just not as completely as we hoped. Zombies have occupied the towns correctly, however NPCS will not spawn in roaming cars or occupying cities. They will only show up at crates and missions separate from any infection zones.

Has anyone ran into this issue before? We are not sure if this is a conflict of AI sides (zombies should be same side as NPCs) or if the NPCs are being restricted from spawning near the infection zones (which are all over the map). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have attached the RPT and occupation config.sqf file in case anyone notices anything I haven't. Thanks again.

occupation config.sqf

server RPT


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