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Add Trigger to DMS Missions

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Hi together.

We have a PvE server, and the environment around the DMS missions are declared as PvP zones (on the map you can see the mark).

I also try to create dynamic triggers with notification for players. For static coordinates on the test server does it work, but  how do I parse the parameters, such as DMS mission position, mission name, and mission status (for removing the trigger when mission ends)? I cant find the public variables for this parameters, or i can do it in DMS Scripts directly? Any Ideas?

i try to use the code for Trigger creating:


private _pvpTrigger = createTrigger["EmptyDetector", _pos];
_pvpTrigger setTriggerArea[600,600,0,false];
_pvpTrigger setTriggerActivation["GUER","PRESENT",true];
_pvpTrigger setTriggerStatements["this && {isplayer vehicle _x}count thislist > 0", "playSound 'Alarm'; hint 'Warning! You entered a PvP Zone!';","playSound 'Alarm';hint 'You leave a PvP Zone!';" ];


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