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Hi all you modder's out there been a while...

I have decided to create a server once again Lemon 1.0.3 (Latest) local host through MYSQL Workbench

Everything went awesome up until Installing ExAd , Got core, grinding, hacking, view distance, spawn bike and quad, journal, Info, StatusBar all working but Virtual garage is being a pain in the but haha....


If i use the original exile.ini without changing the sql code for ExAd everything works apart from Virtual garage it opens shows the nearby vehicles I can store but when clicking store nothing happens, I know this must be the Exile.ini database changes you have to make but every time I change them it loads the server up and I'm stuck in the ground unable to use infistar or press esc and respawn just nothing untill I put the original exile.ini back


will post logs below any help would be great thanks in advance (If I miss some logs just let me know what you need)


config.cpp was messed up to say the least fixed and updated link

Posted new Server.rpt and new sql_custom_v2 log exile.ini


Server rpt


modified exile.ini with ExAd updates  below also


sql_custom_v2 log


Finally my Tanoa config in case of any typo's


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edited messed up files

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