New Form of Base Raiding

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So this is just food for thought but I've noticed that a lot of bases that are "pretty well off" usually have the entire first floor of their base made of concrete, and the rest is a mix of wood, concrete, and metal. So in that conclusion, we already have base raiding where you can plant charges on the wall and blow a hole in it and go do your thing, we also have rappelling that seems to be working pretty well, so I was wondering if we could put the two together? instead of only having the option to blow a hole in the very bottom floor, or the roof of the base, bring some rope and rappel down the side to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, whatever floor you feel needed, and plant the charge. Most big bases move the flag up to a middle floor or top floor anyways so it would be cool to see this implemented, would add a whole new thing to base raiding, now you cant just fortify the top and bottom of your base but you have to fortify the entire exterior and more.

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