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help with predefined mission..

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New to server making and im using A3_dms and all my missions keep spawning in the same exact locations at the bottom left of my map Tanoa.  trying to set spawn locations so the missions spawn all over the map but haven't the slightest idea what im doing.  after 2 days of clicking link after link trying to find a step by step tutorial on how to fix this issue ive decided to ask the experts for help.  keep in mind i literally just started this and have no clue what im doing.  I believe the following lines are what i need to adjust but am not sure.

DMS_PredefinedMissionLocations =     [                            // List of Preset/Predefined mission locations.
                                            /* List of positions:
                                            position1: [x_1,y_1,z_1],
                                            position2: [x_2,y_2,z_2],


if that is what i need to adjust and then can some one help me or give me the proper link explaining how to set those parameters?  im not using any custom missions other then the ones that come prepackaged with a3_dms

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