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Standing up in cars


Hi guys


since last night my players if they climb into cars they cant drive it they are standing straight on driver seat


i have waited a couple off seconds to switch seats to check if it work but no luck

i have the 

dms script

and the random ai spawn from baboon dude

also have a couble of mods on it 

the strange thing is it worked for awhile and then boom this problem

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you listed your problem - it is the dms script.  it is alleged it occurs on the 'clean up' part of the script.  which means, all is well till 1-2 hours into things.


other issues are being unable to exit the vehicle as well as a black screen for everything.


the only option is for admins to eject players and set your server restart time to < 1 hour.  yeah, that is lame...  ;)



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