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A couple of posts in case either are helpful - I don't have UAV/UGV's on my server and have not used them before so can't help much further I'm afraid.


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@chizzlemad1234 I don't believe infiSTAR is the problem. You also don't need to add the terminal and backpack to the "ItemWhiteList" section of the infiSTAR config. They are already in the "LocalWhitelist" where they belong.

The "[SOLVED] UAV" post that Riker2335 mentioned wouldn't apply since that information is outdated. The second post he mentioned is about people stealing/controlling UAVs that aren't theirs.

When I started running an Exile server a year ago, I did not have to do anything special for people to use the I_UavTerminal and I_UAV_01_backpack_F. In the default Exile files, they are included in the pricing and included at the Spec Ops trader. As I mentioned above, they are also included (where they need to be) in the default inifSTAR settings. So, if they are not working for you, something else is wrong. You'll need to be  more specific about what happens and what they are seeing when someone tries to use the UAV. Do they have the UAV Terminal equipped or is it just in their inventory? Did they connect the UAV Terminal to the UAV?

Details are always important. Please use them.

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