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Server Crash on Shutdown



It might not be related, but since we switched to extDB3 and 64Bit Arma our server crashes on shutdown. This is not a big problem, since everyone has allready been kicked and such. The problem is that the Server Monitor still thinks the server is running and doesn't reboot it, resulting into the server being dead.

I'm not sure where to start looking since the logs don't show anything really unusual.
Because the server RPT is to big for PasteBin, I uploaded it on FileDropper: http://www.filedropper.com/arma3serverx642017-07-0116-06-22

It would also be good if the "ArmA has stopped working" dialog just autocloses itself or doesn't show up at all, because now an admin has to acces the dedicated machine and click 'Close'.

Hope someone can help me out :)



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