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CBA PBO Errors


Ok so recently there was a CBA- Community based addons update within the last week. Now since that update when i try and join my server i get PBO errors saying that these pbo,s either need to be removed or the accepted keys need to be added to my server. Now i have spoken to my server provider and he says that i have the current up to date cba install on my server as he install for me , but it seems i have the most up to date cba in my arma 3 folder (clientside) which would suggest that my server is not up to date? im pulling my hair out with this at the mo! my current CBA_A3 version on my server is cba_3.3.1.170504. and the latest vwersion which i downloaded last night from armaholic is cba_3.4.0.170627. Now that would suggest clientside is up to date and not server side right? and that my server does in fact still need updating? I have tried removing those PBOs from steam workshop folder and i get errors say that PBO releys on this PBO etc etc. but my friend deleted his and he got in so im stumped at what is right and what is wrong as on CBA on steam workshop there are other people complaining of simler issues regarding this.


if any body can shed any light on this or is having the same problem any help would be greatly appriciated!

I have also enclosed a pic


Thank you


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Do you have access to the keys directory on your server?
Because if you do, you could try copying the keys from your local version of CBA to the server and everything should be fine.

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Ok got to the bottom of it. i did remove old keys and put new ones  in and it was no different, i then deleted all pbo,s from my arma 3 directory clientside from CBA folder and it let me join server. i have no idea how but it did. There is an issue with the CBA in steam workshop and arma 3 launcher


not being up to date and being corrupt in some instances i have read on steam workshop


So i got the latest non corrupt up to date version here from github


Install this on your server and delete any currnt CBA you have on your system from arma 3 launcher or steam workshop and download this to desktop,unpack,

and add mod to your actual arma 3 game launcher where you select mods. ie 3den and composites to do map edits etc. click local mod at top and locate CBA_A3 on your destop and add it to mod list then as long as your server is up to date all should be good!

Hopefully CBA moderators sort this issue out regarding steam workshop and arma 3 launcher.

So the latest CBA update is cba_3.4.0. This what you need to stop conflicting PBO messages. thanks to georgie with help on this!

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