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Is there any decent object which looks sortlike the default tanoa bridge from the up and bottom side yet is as well accesable by both vehicle and on foot? I'm using LAND_PIER_F right now for my bridges, but frankly thei're seriously fucking ugly in general. Why? Bottom side is seetrough, top side is decent unless you need to line them next to eachother. And thei're rather deep (bottom to top height)... Which means you need to make a very high bridge over water in order to let some boats pass trough.


I tried to debugrun this object: bridgesea_01_f.p3d but once i did that, it simply appeared without ability to move it around whatshowever.


So basically what i need is an object, which is flat, a person can run on, a car can go on (200km/h speed limit), and which isn't see through from the bottom side like the land_pier_f's are, and also be able to let boats under trough without having weird pillars sticking out of it.


I tried the exilemod wooden floors, but they spaz out when you attempt to line them up, same with the concrete floor, and certain other floor objects i found.


(i'm using m3editor so as far as i know i got acces to all the objects)


Also i get the feeling i posted in the wrong section lawl, not sure. .Sorry if i did :P


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edit: damn, prolly not the one you'r lookin for...sorry


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29 minutes ago, fifthmanstanding said:

Dunno if you already are but you can run acdy bridges. We ran that on Tanoa and it's great. 

But that doesn't add a bridge from main island to northwest isle. You'll have to build that yourself. 

Same. It's great.

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