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[SOLVED] Do i loose all of my money if i change maps?

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2 hours ago, A SPOOKY¤SPOON got killed said:

I want to change maps, because my friend doesn't  have the Apex DLC. But, will i lose the money i earned when i played Tanoa, if i change the it?

If you're changing to a different server, that has a different database. then yes. 

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Hello Spooky,

If you are on your own server, you CAN keep your money and gear.  What you have to do is to export that part of the DB and then import it into the new one.  This way, the money will be there.  However ANYTHING that uses a 'positional coordinate' such as a car or your base, would be a pain to transfer.  It can be done though.  You would have to convert every coordinate from the old map to the new.  The 'fun' comes in when the new map is smaller than the old map...  ;)

Below is my record exported from my DB:


2,MY-PLAYER,MY-UID-NUMBER,185000,0.0629921,64.957314,46.996323,0,36.996651,1,1,0,"[[""face_hub"",0.0629921],[""neck"",0.0629921],[""head"",0.0629921],[""pelvis"",0.0629921],[""spine1"",0.0629921],[""spine2"",0.0629921],[""spine3"",0.0629921],[""body"",0.0629921],[""arms"",0.0629921],[""hands"",0.0629921],[""legs"",0.0629921],[""body"",0.318898]]",19.6964,2525.497314,19972.455078,0.00103033,"2017-04-14 12:06:17","[""ItemMap"",""ItemCompass"",""Exile_Item_XM8"",""ItemRadio"",""I_UavTerminal"",""NVGogglesB_grn_F"",""Laserdesignator_01_khk_F""]",B_Carryall_ghex_F,[],[],[],,,"["""","""","""",""""]",,H_HelmetLeaderO_ghex_F,Laserdesignator_01_khk_F,[],,"["""","""","""",""""]",,"["""","""","""",""""]",U_B_Protagonist_VR,[],"[[""Exile_Item_Flag"",1]]",[],V_PlateCarrierGL_tna_F,[],[],[],"2017-07-1 16:20:40"


All you would have to do is to let players log-in and then import the above data (money/gear).  I have seen this done a few times when people have wiped a server's DB - it is the same technique.

There are (or you can create your own) SQL scripts that can assist with this as well.



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