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Spawn in Ground


So I have been wrestling with this issue for the past two days and I can't figure it out. Currently I am attempting to create a small Exile server for my friends and me. I am only running Exile with no additional mods at this time. Every time that I log into my server I am spawned ground level staring at grass. I am unable to move, interact, or access the main menu to back out of the server. From all of the forums I have been reading everyone says that it is a database issue.

I have reinstalled the Arma 3 server files, Exile Server mod, Exile Client mod, etc. I have attempted using XAMPP, HeidiSQL, MySQL Workbench, etc. to create the Database. I have tried using the 32-bit and 64-bit server files, same result.  I have rebuilt the database multiple times. I simply have no idea what to do to fix the problem. I have attempted to build the database multiple times and have edited the extb-conf.ini. When I read any of my rpt files I am utterly lost at what each error means.

Here is my rpt.


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Sounds like a database issue for sure. 

The only time I encountered this was during the 1.67 to 1.68 version change where the player hit points had cut off an extra "]" and you had to run a query to change the variable characters for the field to 1024. 

Dunno if that aids you in any way. 

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Hello ThousandSpace,

99% of the time, this is when Exile cannot 'speak' to the DB due to many reasons.  The above 2 reasons are but a few.  Some others are:

DB not setup

DB setup incorrectly

Importing/using an older/someone else's DB

Wrong password for DB

Wrong IP for DB

Wrong Port for DB

Wrong name for DB

Wrong DB name itself


Basically, it is a DB issue 99% of the time.


Good luck!


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