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So I'm new to hosting arma servers - i have hosted servers for other games, so im not a complete noob, hopefully...

I want to install the CUP weapons Mod, and want these weapons to spawn with loot, how do I do this?


Cheers in advance

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STEP 1: download the ExileLootCompiler from the download section.

STEP: 2: add all thing you wanna add or remove. like the default entry.

STEP 3: Use the compile.bat to compile the loottable result is an CfgExileLootServer.hpp

STEP 4: Open your Exile_Server_config.pbo inside your can find an config.cpp

STEP 5: Find the "class CfgExileLootServer" and remove the whole entry.

STEP 6: Add the new one too the File.

STEP 6: Optional you can add in example

#include "CfgExileLootServer.hpp"

into your config.cpp and placed the compiled file CfGExileLootServer.cfg inside your Exile_server_config.pbo next too your config.cpp

This makes edit thing easy. then you dont need to opend you config.cpp and edit them with copy pased on stuff. simple Drag&Drop for future editing. :)


STEP 7: If you have done all thing above packages it again to you .pbo file and load them on the Server. Enjoy :)

STEP 8: I really know thats will works if you have don all right make sure your press the liked button below. for future anwers form me.

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