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Esseker Loot Spawn Problem

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Hello, so for the past few days I've been hit with the problem of no loot spawning on the server, I thought I found the problem in which I thought was here:

After 3 hours of making the changes I thought I needed, I booted up the server and to my surprise after I thought I fixed it, there was still no loot. :/ I have one idea left and that is to make the loot.hpp file look like this:

    class Land_i_Stone_Shed_V2_dam_F
        table = "Tourist";
        positions[] = {{3.65891, 2.19003, -0.102753}, {0.442713, -1.67892, 0.0203171}};

Instead of this:

	class Land_GH_Platform_F
		table = "Tourist"
		positions[] =

I don't know if or why this would make a difference but with code you never know. After I talked with some other people and looking into more threads I then found this thing:

I thought this was it, I thought maybe this was the problem? But yet again no, nothing changed, there was no loot. So that's where I am up to and how I've got to where I am, I kind of understand it to a point but I just don't know what is going wrong for nothing to spawn. I haven't really asked others to help directly other than one person in which I asked a few question on how this stuff works, so on so forth. (@Crazy Mike)


So I'm going to spend the next 2-3 hours making the change I listed about but if people are wondering here are my files:


Thank you for reading and if I fix this I will surely be writing the fix, but if someone else finds the fix then, thank you. :)

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I found out some of my code was wrong and messy so I've changed somethings around and going to see what happens.

I have since moved the loot.hpp code into the config.cpp and removed the ": Medical" that was causing an error, along with a bunch of ";" missing.

I've been reading the RPT's and I'm not seeing anything about loot other than loot ESP being turned on by myself.

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