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[SOLVED] '{' encountered instead of ','

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Line 4174

types[] = {"Tools", "Pistol", "Tools", "Food", "Food", "RepairParts", "Sniper", "Rifle",};

You can see after "Rifle" remove the ,

You have edit somethings and have done many mistakes you need to placed some ,

In example its needs to look like this

                class Pistol
                    items[] =
                        {"hgun_P07_F", 2},
                        {"16Rnd_9x21_Mag", 6},
                        {"hgun_PDW2000_F", 1},
                        {"30Rnd_9x21_Red_Mag", 4},
                        {"hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_F", 1},
                        {"6Rnd_45ACP_Cylinder", 2}

Only the last entry need no ,

Cheers, and have fun too repiar you file :) Dont forgett to like the post :D

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