AI too easy because EAST -> RESISTANCE

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as everybody know, the AI's of Missions must be set to group "EAST" to attack players.

I use the same Mission System on our Exile Server, than on our Epoch Server.

But on the Exile Server, the AI's are too easy, my opinion.

All setskill variables are on "1.0"

I think it have to do with, that EAST isn't as agressive to RESISTANCE, than RESISTANCE to EAST / WEST.


Any idea for solution?


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You need to set both sides hostile to each other, using:

East setFriend [Resistance, 0];

Resistance setFriend [East, 0];

I've done this with the original release of DMS and it worked quite well.  You of course have to make sure you spawn the groups on the appropriate sides in the mission system.  Furthermore, keep in mind the AI generally won't engage something they do not believe they can hurt.  This is one reason players get away with running them over with Striders and the AI seems to ignore them.

Alternatively, you COULD set the players to spawn as West or East, but I have no idea what else that might break by doing so.


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