CUP Vodnik and MV22 errors

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So my issue is most likely server related. I have a error where these vehicles don't work correctly, outside of the server they're fine (eden) but inside, the vodniks windows spin and wheels don't move, basically what happens to the hatchbacks a lot. The mv22 backseats don't load, so their isn't proper room for players. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this weird issue. Right now i'm working withe CUP team to try and figure it out. Thank you!

Using all CUP addons and CBA is on as well/

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no fixed yet all bugs also reported many time to the CUP devs, the bugs not happening all the time only a few times, yeah the arma 3 vehicle hatchback have also this bug since arma 3 got released. :D

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