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Server error: Player without identity



I'm going to try and break down this weird error with you guys.

1. I can join the server just after a restart, my friends can't join.

2. If I restart, let my friend join first, I won't be enable to get in either together with my friend. 


What happens when the error happens:

1. You get stuck on the loading screen or you'll get a missing texture error which you can't close. 


Here is a small part of the log with an error a guy found on Discord:

22:05:59 Server error: Player without identity [PNG]ThatGuYouKnow (id 1789416725)

22:07:26 Starting mission: 22:07:26 Mission file: Exile (cur_mp)

22:07:26 Mission world: Esseker 22:07:26

Mission directory: mpmissions\cur_mp.Esseker\

22:07:28 No more slot to add connection at 032008 (3258.4,7991.3)

Full logs: https://pastebin.com/vHmsbia1


Server information:

Mods: Exile, Esseker, infiSTAR, cups maps/core.

Running on a bought server from Host Havoc 





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In your root mission fold you will find a file called mission.sqm which has a class called Entities. There are player slots located in this class defined as such:  


class Item0 {
					dataType = "Object";
					class PositionInfo {
						position[] = {7054.38, 301.185, 7819.4};
					side = "Independent";
					flags = 7;
					class Attributes {
						isPlayer = 1;
					id = 1;
					type = "Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer";
					atlOffset = 0.000183105;

There should be a hundred. This doesn't mean your max player count will be 100, but there will be 100 playable player models for when someone joins your server. When they join, the take control of a ghost, then the server loads their player data and *poof* you have a character.

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