22:04:16 c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED -

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22:04:16 c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED    This is the message I get when I try to join (SO FAR) any ARMA Exile, EPOCH, LIFE server... It goes thru the normal load, and then about near the end of the load, when you would be about to get a cursor, it says  You were Kicked from the game.   no more.. no less.  The report file looks as normal as any other ARMA rpt does. It lists everything loaded, then starts down the lower half of the server boot report. Bottom section has the same ole same Error no hit on pelvis and on and on.  So nothing out of the normal. The rpt stays uneventful up until the above line and OP subject..

So does anyone have an idea how to fix this?  The issue that I will list under this one, I have only ever fixed with a full delete of all things ARMA, and starting over. THIS error, however, I had not yet seen before.

One my own server I am just getting the 0_00000005C access Denied error.. might be a little off on my 0's- but its the same error that has been around since 2013 so everyone understands. Most think that it is a user end issue, because it easily can be, but according to the message on that one, It is due to Arma not calling in with the proper code, or the proper format, OR there was lag and for some reason ARMA is dialing for a 3rd time. That is an auto kick with access denied message.

I can take a guess or few on these errors.. But I assumed the first one to be something to do with how I had the descript file laid out and those incoming messages. They seem fine, and they are just like I have been using them for a year at least. The second error.. well uninstall everything works like a charm...... For about a day once this error starts.   Maybe its time to retire from ARMA.. these silly little errors are annoying at best lol.

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