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How to add buildings to topographical map view

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Hi,  I've added some buildings to my map, as well as bridges (through publicly posted scripts, addons, etc.).  How do I add them to the topographical map (when you hit the "M" key) to see them as grey squares?  I've searched using google and everyone tells how to add buildings.  That I know how do to.  But how do I get them to show up as the grey squares in the map view?

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@Bob_the_K I know this is a very late reply and possibly not relevant anymore but I suspect the answer is; you can't.

I've been following the development of a couple of maps recently including Crazy Mike's and something that keeps coming up is the adjustment of the satellite image (map). From what I can tell, this can only be done with the raw data from the terrain builder unfortunately.

I hope someone can correct me on that but yeah, I don't think it's possible.

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class Item14

You can also use it in the script.

createmarker blabla


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