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Kicked from Server every 2-40 minutes



Every 2-40 mins I get kicked from the server. None of my friends experience this problem and it is almost impossible to play. The kick message is "You have been kicked" I experience 2 errors at start up:

1: "Door Animation not in bin/config.bin/cfgvehicles/zavora"

2:"No entry bin/config.bin/cfgweapons"

What I have done:

-Verified Arma

-Rebooted PC

-Redownload Arma

-Redownloaded Mods

-Restarted Internet Connection

-Deleted Mission Data

-Redownloaded Battleye


So now that is out of the way, anyone know a fix?

And my internet is perfectly fine. (Pinging google in the background, no time outs.)

NOTE: There is no constant. Ill get kicked in traders, towns, and in the wild.

NOTE: This has been going on for 3 days.

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