NetServer : : finishDestroyPlayer : DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled

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Okay, i have my server temporarily on a VM (Virtual Machine) under Linux with the operating system as Ubuntu 64bit, until i set the server up with all of the mods and trader things i want, then i will send it over to a 24/7 host server The server has the exile client and exile server missions.. Its a arma 3 exile server on the tanoa map, completly stock, no mods at all. I  got the server to show up and im able to log in, and then the first problem.... "SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features wont be accessible!"  .....Then after the server loads up and i join, after a while i get the error.... "No more slot to add connection at... " it use to freeze right there, but i gave the VM more memory and it could pass past the error. But then it loads me into the server, as one of the ghost characters half into the ground, my screen is covered with grass. And then it kicks me to the multiplayer list again... so i join back, and then im stuck at connecting, so i disconnect by pressing the Esc button. But when i do that... a error is thrown up on the screen where i launch the server... "NetServer : : finishDestroyPlayer : DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled" ....Any idea what those errors are? if they effect anything? and how to fix the errors or atleast help fix the destroy player error so i can play on my server? Thank you.
Im new to this server running, and new to programming, so if at all possible, please include the commands to the fix or the help you suggest if you can.. if not thats alright also.

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