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I've had a few players kicked for (07/22/17 14:59:00) Script Restriction #0 produced exception:  !="AH_KICK_OFF_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\" = \"BYE" in my publicvariable.txt file.  So I added 7 "AH_KICK_OFF_" to publicvariable.txt but it still happens occasionally.   I can't pin down exactly what is happening when this happens though.  Am I missing something?



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client side forced kick, just in case the "default" kick function fails or takes too long it "abuses" BE to make sure the client is kicked. The reason for the kick however is not part of the kick itself 

what you added there is not doing anything different than the default file that I send with the package

You should not try to white-list the variable; Take a look in the infiSTAR logs, there is a reason for those kicks to occur :)

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