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Looking for an experienced Arma modder3

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I'm looking for an Arma 3 modder that can either assist in or completely mod a server for my community. We are a well known Australian/New Zealand Community and would love some assistance from someone experienced and mature. 

My idea for the server involved:

- Exile Mod (obviously)

- CUP Weapons units and vehicles (integrated into loot tables and trades)

- Ryan Zombies and Demons (because zombies)

- Defent's Mission System (DMS) 

Then whatever the server is capable of after that should it be needed to make the server even more re-playable while remaining stable for your average user. 

We already have a player base from our DayZ servers that would love something else to switch between and Arma Exile seems the obvious choice.

Please feel free to message me if you are interested. We have both a teamspeak and a Discord server so we can chat through there if you like. 

Thank you for your time!


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