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Dustin Cena

Floors causing vehicles to explode


Hi, I'm sure that someone would be aware of the issue with vehicles usually exploding, if they are left on a floor (Wood, metal, concrete) over a restart. I've also noticed that if I pull a vehicle out of my virtual garage and it is on a floor, it will explode too. This kind of kills the vibe of creating a garage space. From what I have noticed, if you have bushes/shrubs or the smaller vegetation (Tanoa) slightly coming through the floor, it may be causing the vehicles to explode. I notice that placing floors will remove/hide the grass beneath it, so it doesn't merge through. If possible, could we get floors to also remove/hide the small shrubs (ones that lay down if you run them over)? 

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The vehicles exploding is an Arma issue. The simulation freaks out when it spawns in.

The fix is to not place vehicles on constructions.

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Hello Dustin Cena,

What Kup stated is the best advice overall.  This was an issue in epoch as well.

There are a two things that would help though:


Player's Side:

Never put wheels/skids/etc. on the floor seams.  Parking on the seams seems to cause a greater chance of a vehicle going 'POOF'.

Always point/park vehicle NORTH.  ARMA spawns in north, then rotates to correct position.  If anything hits it, 'POOF'.


Server Side:

Inject code that places vehicle in 'god mode', then place, keep in 'god mode' for a few seconds, then restore the original health values.  This would help prevent items going up in smoke till the spawn procedure is complete.  It is a simple fix that should work.

You could TRY adding '1' to the vehicle height (Z axis) in the 'restore' part of the garage code.   This way, it would spawn in air, then drop.  This MIGHT help as well.  (You could also add '1' to the 'save' function instead of the 'restore' function)



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