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Good news for every one ! Takistan Server files are ready looking for a server host / server owner to complete 


Takistan exile features

Mods-  Cup, Tryk uniforms , Niarms complete !

Big Missions - Sector missions - Moving convoys - 

Roaming ai , Taliban roaming ai 

Gun range test modded weopons for free 

Dms , zcp missions, custom border crossing missions, Convoys  

Russian traiders , US Fob , Taliban Black markets , Suicide vests 

Traiders will have base building material to buy

No Stealing in safe zone !

Towing , Attach Crates to offroads , Load in cargo with space limit

And much more 


more !



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Seeing as this isn't a release, I'm not sure it's really suitable to post here. Right now it's best suited to the Pictures forum, or maaaaaaaybe the Server Staff forum.

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