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Hi Guys new to all of this just wondering how I could define custom mission locations can't seem to find anything about it hoping someone could help me out

using Isla Abramia

from what i understand all i should need to edit is the config.spf and add.


DMS_UsePredefinedMissionLocations    = true;                    // Whether or not to use a list of pre-defined mission locations instead before attempting to find a random (valid) position. The positions will still be checked for validity. If none of the provided positions are valid, a random one will be generated.
    DMS_PredefinedMissionLocations =     [                            // List of Preset/Predefined mission locations.
                                            /* List of positions:
                                            position1: [x_1,y_1,z_1],
                                            position2: [x_2,y_2,z_2],
                                            positionN: [x_N,y_N,z_N]


    DMS_PredefinedMissionLocations_WEIGHTED =     [                    // List of Preset/Predefined mission locations WITH WEIGHTED CHANCES. This will NOT override "DMS_PredefinedMissionLocations", and everything from "DMS_PredefinedMissionLocations" will behave as though it has 1 weight per position.
                                            /* List of arrays with position and weighted chance:
                                            [[x_1,y_1,z_1], chance_1],
                                            [[x_2,y_2,z_2], chance_2],
                                            [[x_N,y_N,z_N], chance_N]
                                            [5118,8691,0], 1],
                                            [7816,3722,0], 1],
                                            [4143,2967,0], 1],
                                            [2243,4664,0], 1]

does that seem right as I can't seem to get them to spawn there.




Hi new to all of this and was wondering if someone could help me out with getting dms missions spawning in predefined locations.

currently running Isla Abramia and missions are spawning in fine the only issue is they are spawning down the sw corner of the map and only there so would like to put in custom cords so that they can be spread out a little more

So far from what I have seen on google is all I should need to add is attached but doesn't seem to do anything they just spawn in the same locations




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