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Exile in the Tropics

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Hey everyone, so I kinda wanted to get some feelers out and get some opinions as I start developing on my own Exile server.  I have worked through some of the teething pains getting a stable server up and running, so I'd like some feedback.

I was thinking about having it on a custom map somewhere in a tropical climate, however there seems to be a lot done for Tanoa, but I feel like, in some ways, there's a little too much water on the map.  What if we had a straight up Vietnam-like environment for the players (using a nice small map)?

I was thinking of using this map (It still requires Apex).  After viewing it, I came up with 3 spawn points, a radiation zone, a spot for a concrete mixer, but leave the rest of the map open for various missions, etc.  This would be a low-player count server due to the limitations of the map size.

I also looked into this map as well: 

It would take quite a bit of work on my end to even make that a possibility.

I've also started looking into using The Unsung mod as a base, as they include maps, units, vehicles, etc.

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