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I am looking for an experienced modder/developer who is actually interested in building an awesome PVE server

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I have a server rented, the person I thought wanted to help flaked out.  Firstly, I am not experienced in coding, I am just full of ideas and want to build a great experience.  I need somebody's help to do that though.  I am not a my way or the highway kind of person for the most part so ideas and opinions are welcome.  I do have general ideas for how I would like things to work, but I am flexible.  I know how to edit PBO's, so far that is as far as my knowledge stretches.

I think the most important part to any PVE server is the roaming AI.  Having experience being able to edit this would be great.

I will be willing, if everything gets put together nicely and I get the server running the way I want to, to donate to the person helping.  Think of the donating as multiple tips.  I can't pay anybody 500 up front, I don't have that kind of money, but I  have a little extra every month that can be donated to the cause for as many months as needed.

Thank you for reading.


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Hey buddy,

I understand what you're asking and myself and a mate of mine are interested. Where about's are you and the server based so we can see if it would be feasible to have a more in depth chat!



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