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You were kicked off the game after loading


Hi! I have a problem where when i try to join any exile server, after loading i'm getting message "You were kicked off the game". It is not a ban or blacklist cuz i can join every other servers like epoch,  breaking point or battleroyale and i never cheated on any server.  

I tried doing this:

  • Deleting and reinstalling the mods
  • Deleting the addons folder in arma 3 and Verifying my games integrity
  • Tried joining different servers (Didnt work)
  • Reinstalling Arma 3
  • Tried to use the A3Launcher instead of default but same issue
  • Installed Exile from main website and A3Launcher
  • Adding mods to parameter
  • Updating battleye
  • Deleting everything connected with Arma 3 from documents and appdata
  • Adding -checksignatures to parameter
  • Disabling antivirus and firewall

When I'm joinig the server i have red dot only for Exile Mod, every other mods have green dot.

This is my .rpt file with -checksignatures in parameter: https://pastebin.com/inRrmpGP


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