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concrete windows


Maybe I'm just full derp, but I've been unable to use rangefinders through the upgraded concrete window hatch. It returns a range as if the hatch is closed. (3m, 1m, etc.)  I have tried moving closer / farther away from the opening, and from angles other than just straight on.
    ...and yes, the hatch is open...
    ...and yes, I have button set for the rangefinders, and know how to press it...

@Riker2335 mentioned that this might just be an issue with Arma itself, but I though I should bring it up in case it isn't.


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I've noticed this since the concrete window shutters came out as well. There's definitely still something "there" even when the window is open. If you try to place a 3d marker through an open concrete window shutter, it gets placed where the shutter would be if it were closed.

You also can't vault through an open-shutter concrete window.

And it may just be something with my graphics settings, but the focal point seems off when I'm looking through an open concrete window. Far away items look a little out of focus. It's a similar effect to if you're prone and grass is popping up nearby messing with your view, so far away stuff goes out of focus.

Because of all these issues, I just use regular concrete windows without the metal shutter.

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