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A3 Exile Occupation No Backpack Spawning Via Gear Crates


A3 Exile Occupation No Backpack Spawning Via Gear Crates

So I have Occupation up and running on the server and everything else is spawning within the gear crates which are these things located on the map (shown in spoiler below) they're basically small missions with between 1-4 AI (1-3 AI is default I think) and just a crate of gear. But you see my problem is that everything else spawns within these crates from weapons to attachments, magazines, clothing/uniforms to vests etc.

And most of the this stuff is modded too including HAP, Exile, TRYK and even vanilla ArmA 3 items, yet the only things that do not spawn within these crates no matter how many time I've tried are backpacks and for some reason for the life of me I cannot get these to work and I have no idea why. I've tried HAP, TRYK and even Vanilla backpacks I have TRYK uniforms spawning in here along with HAP weapons and vests/helmets. But backpacks on the other hand, well you may want to think about that one again.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has gotten backpacks to spawn within these crates if not then I can finally move on and just add them via the AI around the crate (which could be the solution but I am stubborn) but I'd just like to know is all.

Here are the crates I was talking about along with the section of classnames I have:

Version of Occupation I use:

Thank you for reading and trying to help.


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