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Adding Scripted Player Action to Server?


Hello, everyone!  So to explain my situation here, I wanted to add Left Shoulder Scripted Weapon to Exile.  It's a great addition, and only works via script on the server-side of things so no additional mods required by the client!  I have been able to run the script package in vanilla-ish Arma servers (Nothing that overhauled the UI or anything like Exile does) so I need some help.

How it works: This script seems to add a scroll menu option dependant on a couple variables but the interface is pretty simple.  Scroll down and you see "Put <weapon> on back".  If you already have a weapon, it will say "<weapon> in hand".  Super nifty!  I even have a screen shot included. http://i.imgur.com/8qpd5sB.jpg

Here's the raw code from the mod: https://pastebin.com/w00s94rF

I have tried to load this line at the end of init.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf

[] execVM "aalssw.sqf"

but it doesn't seem to load in Exile.  I really don't have enough experience with Arma scripting to figure out what the problem is!  I get some of the basic concepts, but then Exile is a different beast all together.  Can anyone assist?

I know that the server is finding the code to execute, and it doesn't seem to cause any errors.  The script just doesn't seem to function.

UPDATE:  There might be something I am forgetting as well.  Should I whitelist this script in BattleEye?  How can I find out if it's being blocked?

Should I try this instead?  What are the differences between execvm and call compile?

call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "aalssw.sqf";

I have been able to look at various solutions, but none seem to use code nearly as complex as the package I'm trying to impliment.  Do I need to re-write the script from the ground up?

I've also found this tutorial helpful: 







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Hello The1Corrupted,

I have added such scripts before and you do NOT need to change 'player' to 'exile_unit_player '.  'exile_unit_player' is a model name and nothing more.  PLAYER is the variable name you use to 'talk to' the player.

I bet you have InfiSTAR running.  BY DEFAULT, IS will BLOCK 'action' menus IF I remember correctly.  You must re-configure IS to allow these menus.  How?  That is on you...


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