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ExAd addon spawn Exile Supply Crate

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All credit goes to Janski for his amazing addon ExAd

This is just an edit to add Exile_Container_SupplyBox so players can craft them to use with looting missions, looting in general or moving their bases, they are not persistent after restart unless you still have the install option under class CfgInteractionMenus

This is assuming you already have ExAd installed and working on your server with exad_dv.pbo in your @ExileServer\addons folder

Go to your mission.pbo [I.E. Exile.Altis] open up config.cpp with notepad++ or your primary editing tool

Find extraApps and add at the end ,"Supply_Box"

It should look like this

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Then go to the bottom of your ExAd XM8 Class and add this

    class Supply_Box
        title = "Supply Crate";
        bambiState = 0;
        vehicleClass = "Exile_Container_SupplyBox";
        recipe[] = {{"Exile_Item_WoodPlank",2}};
        packable = 1;
        quickFunction = "['Supply_Box'] call ExAd_XM8_DV_fnc_spawnVehicle";

it should look like this

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repack pbo and restart server

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