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Hello, I just found out that running a LINUX server apparently requires some slightly different installations for mods (It's a rented server, not one I started from scratch). I'm trying to get a status bar and CUP weapons/vehicles working but I don't want to break the server with a bad mod install / implementation. If there's anyone with experience who wouldn't mind helping a server /  LINUX noob out I would greatly appreciate it! I've already gone in and tweaked the a3_DMS, exileZ and map pbo files so I have a basic grasp of how things work, but I'm by no means comfortable adding more stuff to it.

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Installing mods on Linux is the same as windows.  The exception being binary mods have to be compiled for Linux.  There was an issue a while back where Linux didn't play well with pbo files with mixed case names but I don't think that's the case anymore.

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