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Hi all

I have a working Tanoa server using xammp on local machine using ports 2302 and 2303 with 2309 for battleye

How would I go about setting up another server on the same machine

I know i'd have to setup another exile folder but how do i change the ports and what ports do i use also if i setup another database do i just call it exile2 or somthing else and do i have to rename the armaserver.exe if i'm running one for tanoa all ready.



ps ive tried once before but it loads both servers up when i run armaserver.exe and the second server just wont load says waiting on connection

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anyone got any ideas please.

created a new server folder E:/ExileMalden edited server start bat for directories and changed port to 2602

edited the exile.sql to exilemalden and loaded with no errors

Type = MySQL
Name = exilemalden
Username = JohnyBoy
Password = mypassword
IP =
Port = 3306
minSessions = 2
idleTime = 60
; Really should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL
compress = false
; Recommend you turn this on
Secure Auth = true

server start bat loads fine but game does not show up in lan connect like the other one

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Easy way,

Create 1 working server

Copy your working server files to a new folder (name the folder)

Create new data base for server (add tables to database)

Go through each config file change port ( if your first server is 2302 just add 10 so it would be 2312 )

Dont forget to change file paths in each config file to your new folder dir (what you named it to)

For the database config all you have to do is change the database name as it will use the same user & pass as the first server

Same for BEC change all file paths to new folder location and port (I run a copy of BEC in each server folder)

last is the bat file change the file paths and port to match your new server.

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Yeah cheers m8 but i've already done this if I change the port no server shows up however if I use 2302 it shows up.

I've got my router firewall on dmz to allow all ports and even added 2312 and 2313 to my port forwarding aswell as firewall ports tcp and udp 2312  and 2313

in going and outgoing also added arma3server.exe to in and out too


edb config


edb2 log


arma rpt

server load working with 2302

thats all i could think of info for you's to maybe help


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@johnyboy2o11 thank you for coming back and posting your solution!  I'm about ready to create server #2 and this will help!  So is this generally true across MYSQL, you can't create multiple databases on one log in account?

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