Best AI and Mission System?

AI and Mission Systems.  

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  1. 1. What do people consider to be the best AI/Mission system/script, taking into account customizabilty, performance, content and features?

    • Defent's Mission System.
    • A3XAI.
    • VEMF Reloaded.
    • A3 Exile Occupation
    • Alive AI
    • Exile Z
    • Ryan Zombies

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So Ladies and Gentlemen,

    i am trying to do some research to find the best script out the for AI and Missions, and also allow server owners voice their opinions about what they like and dislike about certain scripts, potentially helping developers develop their scripts further.

i would much appreciate for as many people to participate in the poll or add any answers you choose not in the poll to the comments below and i will add them to the poll.

Also if you decide to add another script/system in the comments, please add a link to the page and credit the author.




Spelling Mistakes

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DMS, ExileZ and A3XAI for me as roaming AI.

DMS is a given, it's a great mission system and highly customisable. I've been able to create nice new missions and fun static ones for my crew with it. A staple on any Exile server.

ExileZ is much better after recent efforts from both Ryan with the zombie behaviour and Kuplion to make the spawner behave better and be more customisable. I was using SM_Zombz beforehand.

A3XAI is seriously heavy on resources of the server if you aren't running a headless client and the server isn't too busy with other missions and players. Compared to Occupation though, I've found that the AI are far more realistic in how they drive/fly around the map and engage targets. Since migrating to A3XAI, I see the AI around more and they engage me in more interesting ways with the use of launchers, grenades, ambushes etc. It's just a lot more fun. I do still use Occupation for things like heli crashes, fast time and other such things.

From a features perspective, I don't think anything comes close to Occupation. That is a hell of a mod and kind of a given for most servers, even if you don't use the roaming AI.

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